A Typical Day for a Travel Vlogger

What is it like to be a travel vlogger? (We hate that stupid term by the way). We certainly don’t travel everyday or FILM everyday. This is a look in to what we do when we have our “off” days.On this next leg of our Southwest adventure we head to Marfa, Texas. A common theme that happens behind the scenes in our travels is that we’ll do a National Park (we just came from Big Bend on the Texas/Mexico border) or go off the grid for a while and then take half a week or a week to catch up on work in the next town. These towns don’t typically make it into our videos. Footage of us sitting around working on our computers is…not very cinematic… until today’s episode!

A Typical Travel Vlogger Day


Without the need to commute to an office, the morning is a blend of work and relaxation.  It sounds nice (and it is!) but we always feel the kick in our pants to get working right away.You'll see in the video some of the projects we're currently working on.


Living fulltime in an RV we typically have some things to attend to.  Today (and most days) Tim is fixing something on our rig and since we are not driving I have the opportunity to straighten-up around our little tiny home.


Today we waited until sunset to get some footage of our location.  We don't always know the story we are telling while we are filming.
  • Will Marfa, Texas (today's location) be a full Tripped episode?
  • Do we need more ambiguous drone footage through desert roads we could film today?
  • Are we feeling burnt out and need a break from filming?
These are the typical questions we are asking ourselves on a daily basis.travel vloggertravel vlogger

What to do in Marfa, Texas - Today's film location

Marfa was our spot to lay low after Big Bend and before we headed into New Mexico to explore Carlsbad. While Marfa is a small town, there is a lot of interesting “arty” stuff going on there…like The Chinati Foundation. For those not as interested in art, you can go out and look for the Marfa lights.Finally, if you’re a simple person like myself, you can go for a sure thing- A burrito at Marfa Burrito made with love by Ramona. Yes. Eating a $5 burrito was the best thing I did in Marfa. I ate lunch there on back to back days. Even writing this, I wish I had one of those burritos now. Or any burrito.

Prada store in Marfa, Texas

If you have even heard of Marfa, you've probably heard of the Prada store. This art installment is not actually a retail store, but just a building on the side of the only highway through town (the building is about 30min outside town in the middle of no where!) Since we were passing, of course we stopped for the photo-op.

In short...

Going with the lowkey vibe of Marfa, we thought it might be interesting to explain in a little more detail what our “off” days look like and go into a bit of detail in how we approach filming.Typical day for travel vlogger