Airbnb Tips: Monthly Rate CHEAPER than weekly!

Did you know that property owners are able to offer their property at a weekly or a monthly discount? Staying longer at one location PAYS!

Airbnb in Sayulita, Mexico -  watch the house tour here

Airbnb in Sayulita, Mexico - watch the house tour here

Discounted Month Rate on Airbnb Properties

Exhibit A: Our beautiful ocean view property goes for over $200/night at its daily rate. (That's like paying $6,500/month for "rent"!) We are staying here for 30 nights for a total of $1,300! Booking monthly yielded a 70% discount and our nightly rate ends up being around $43/night.

How to leverage a Monthly discount for your week vacation

I know not everyone is out there staying on vacation for 30 nights BUT what that means is that if you were wanting to stay at this property for anything longer than 6 night you're better off booking the entire month! I know, I can hardly believe it too… but do the math!

How to find Monthly Discounts on Airbnb

To find monthly discounts on Airbnb, enter in a date range longer than 28 nights on to view total month cost. Once you filter your date range for anything longer than 28 nights, the prices will be quoted by the monthly rate (instead of nightly rate). (Note: this feature currently does not work on the mobile app - so grab your laptop and get to searching!)

Example: Let's say you have a $1000 budget for your week of vacation.. you can filter properties by overall costs (not just by night) and go from there!. To see the percentage discount, navigate to the pricing details page on the listing (or opt like you are about to book and you’ll see the percentage labeled!

Save Money on your first Airbnb

Sign up for Airbnb with this link and get $40 off your first home booking. You’ll also get $15 to use toward an experience worth $50 or more!