Crossing the Alaskan border from Canada

alaska border in an rv

After the disastrous border crossing in an RV into Canada, we decided not to take any chances for round two! Even though we were entering back into the US and should be greeted with a hug and a cup of hot cocoa, we knew that it would be assumed we were a threat to national security until proven otherwise.

How to Prepare for Border Crossing in an RV

For border crossing in an RV this time we planned ahead. Here's what we had organized way ahead of time so when we rolled up to the border guard there wouldn't be any fumbling around:

1. Passports

Passports- Yes, we had them last time. I understand if it sounded confusing in the previous video. We've visited somewhere around 30+ countries. We know we need passports. (Email my mom if you're still upset about last time. )

2. Food in the RV

List of all meat, vegetables, and fruit in the RV- Is this overkill? Yes. Have the border guards really liked it? Yes. Have any of the border guards confiscated anything based on this list? Also yes- two limes.

3. Crossing the border with alcohol

When you're driving around what is essentially a house, you forget how much alcohol you might be dragging around with you. We had quite few fifths of different kind of alcohol that might have been 1/4 to 1/2 full, some assorted six packs, a couple bottles of wine…you get it.

While you're supposed to pay duty on anything over a certain limit going into the US or Canada the border guards liked that we had a black and white list of exactly what alcohol we had on board. While we were above the limit through several crossings we never had to pay duties.

4. Crossing the border with pets

All dog health records- We were never asked to present these but based on online research you need to be able to prove your dog is current with rabies shots.

Next time you're doing a border crossing in an RV we hope these little tips help. Might seem like overkill but they made our experience much smoother!