Driving the Alaskan Highway in an RV

Join us for a drive on the Alaska Highway. Call it the Alaskan Highway, Alaska-Canadian Highway, or ALCAN Highway. It’s all the same and it’s taking us North!

We had over a 1700 mile journey on the Alaska highway as we made our journey to Alaska from the lower 48. That’s a long drive no matter what! When you factor in the reduced speed in the RV, stopping to checkout random points of interest/wilderness sightings, and fueling up way too often, it becomes a REALLY long drive.

the alaska highway
Our favorite spot on the Alaska Highway: Muncho Lake

Driving an RV up the Alaskan Highway

Topping it all off, we went through some of the most epic road construction we’ve ever experienced right after leaving Banff. Summer is the peak of road construction season through Canada and Alaska.

The quality of the temporary lanes that were atrocious. It was something I wouldn’t see again until riding a motorcycle on the Dalton. Compounding the effect, our RV is quite possibly the worst vehicle ever built at handling any sort of dips, bumps or anything NOT perfectly flat.

While we initially tried to fight it, we would end each driving day with random cabinets open and contents spewed everywhere.

Watson Lake Signpost Forest

Around the midway point of the drive we took a break to explore the Watson Lake Signpost Forest. Fin has watched Keep Your Daydream for quite some time. She knew they had placed a custom sign in the forest! We decided to follow their fun riddle to track it down their sign. That was way more fun that just walking around. Thanks guys for the entertainment!

As most things do, this led to an intense competition between us to see who could find it first. Check out the video at the top of the post to see who won!

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