Angkor Wat - Expectations vs. Reality

Tim and Fin and friends touchdown in Siem Reap. Why Siem Reap? Why, to go stand with the herds of tourists at Angkor Wat of course! If you didn’t already know, Angkor Wat is the largest religious site in the world. Local opinions on the management of tourism around Angkor Wat are quite the hot button issue.

Who owns Angkor Wat?

Ticket concessions are operated by Sokimex. Many locals believe that the corporation is not sharing profits with the Cambodian government or local people in a way that is fair. What's the truth? Seriously-no one knows. I expect the comment section to be a firestorm. If you’re bored reading this, head off to the depths of the internet and see for yourself.

reality of visiting angkor wat

The Reality of Visiting Angkor Wat

The heat in Cambodia hits you like a slug to the chest, so the crew inevitably finds a waterhole to hide from the sun. After a pregame session of margaritas the group heads off to Angkor Wat to play with some monkeys and stomp around the grounds looking for the best Instagram picture they can find. What else is on the agenda? How about getting off the beaten path, sunrise in a rice paddy, and going touring around town with their new tuktuk driver bestie.