Austin Day Trips- RV in AustinWhile there is an endless list of things to do IN Austin, there are two nearby spots for an Austin day trip that require a quick drive out of the city to get out to: The Salt Lick and Jacobs Well.

The Salt Lick

The Salt Lick is a famous Texas BBQ spot located about 30 minutes South West of the city in Driftwood. If you’re thinking of heading out here the best thing I can tell you ahead of time is that it’s BYOB. That’s right- you can bring your own tastefully stocked cooler right to the BBQ place. I wish someone had told me this ahead of time instead of finding out after I got there! :(The go to order at Salt Lick has to be simply selecting family style we’re you get set up with all you can eat brisket (go for those burnt ends), ribs, sausage, and plenty of sides. Since it’s Texas BBQ that means that they’ll be plenty of pickles and onions as well.

Jacob's Well

The other site that we hit outside of town was Jacobs Well. Jacobs Well is a freshwater spring about 12 ft in diameter but a crazy 120 ft deep. The deceptive depth of the Jacobs Well as well as the complexity of its angled decent after the initial vertical 30 ft has been the cause of at least 8 deaths since the 1960s.In true Tim And Fin fashion, when we visited in March, Jacobs well was closed for swimming for conservation efforts. The fact that it was closed was clearly labeled on signs. The enforcement of it being close however, was lacking…We saw more than a few kids swimming in the center of the hole while park rangers nearby looked the other way.If you are planning a visit to Jacobs Well, be sure to check out the official site up to a month ahead of time to book reservations. Since the well is so close to Austin and such a great swim spot, reservations book up weeks in advance for two hour swimming blocks.----------------TRIPPED TRAVEL GEARWe make and sell travel products on Amazon. They’re totally rad.Packing Cubes: Store:’t thank you enough for being here and checking out our channel! Please drop a line any time either in the comments or at