There is no shortage of Austin top things to do!To say we’re excited to be back in a major city after a string of bad luck on our way from Florida is an understatement. We’re fortunate enough to have a good friend who lives in Austin and was willing to take us in for a few weeks.We ended up spending nearly the entire month of March in Austin so we will split this video into three parts. In this part one, come with us as we check out:

Austin Top Things To Do

Gourdough's Donuts, Beer & Cocktails

Gourdoughs was a completely necessary first stop on St. Patricks day. They are famous for their donut enhanced food and their bloody mary’s are a damn good start to a national drinking holiday as well. While I got to try both a Count Gourdough Cristo and a El Camino Donut Burger, poor Fin was left with a salad….with a donut on top.

6th Street

AKA Dirty Sixth. While I wisely chose to have my bachelor party in Austin I’m not surprised I didn’t remember a lot of 6th street. We revisited this absolutely majestic bar strip on St. Paddys day this year….during SXSW. This meant even more people in town than normal and large portions of the street blocked off for events.


Goats + Yoga= Goga. Is it good for your health? Maybe. Is it good for you soul? Yes.Fin and Leila grow their hearts by two sizes the day they get to do yoga while baby goats frolic around and on top of them.

Holla Mode: Thaî Style Ice Cream

In my experience, girls like ice cream. If you combined an entire sorority of girls lust for ice cream, that's directly equivalent to how much Fin likes it.

Rainey Street and Hotel Van Zandt

Fin explains the benefits of having the IHG rewards card and how we typically use our free hotel night each year. The Van Zandt is now my favorite hotel. Why? Pepper could stay overnight with us for free. That's all I need to be happy!Additionally, the hotel hosts a free happy hour for guests in the lobby.  They served us margaritas and wine before we headed out to Rainey St (for more margaritas and wine).AUSTIN TOP THINGS TO DO AUSTIN TOP THINGS TO DO AUSTIN TOP THINGS TO DO