Is Banff all hype? Sharing Instagram and Camping Tips

Instagram was considering renaming itself Banffogram a while ago. Why? Because of the crazy flood of pictures of Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, Bow Lake….there’s a theme here somewhere.

While “Banffogram” is an outright lie, the truth is that there is a crazy amount of hype surrounding Banff. So….does Banff live up to the hype?

camping in banff

Banff camping? Look no further. We spent 10 days in our RV in Banff National Park campgrounds and want to share the experience with you and share travel tips we learned while we were there.

Hang out with us as we provide camping tips on where to stay in the park and how to remain BEAR AWARE. We'll even take you on the Plain of six glaciers hike with us!