Boondocking at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats are all about speed. We’re not going to set the flats on fire with a 12 year old RV or 125 cc scooter. Luckily for us, we have a secret land speed weapon- find out what it is in this weeks TRIPPED.  If you're planning on driving out, we have a great recommendation on Boondocking the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Bonneville Salt Flats

The salt flats are close to a two hour drive West of Salt Lake City. I would venture a guess that most people only visit the area if they are going to continue heading west from there- we were a bit apprehensive about committing to the drive, showing up there, and being completely let down by just seeing flat ground.In reality, we enjoyed our weekend at the salt flats immensely. It was somehow just SO COOL to be surrounded on all sides by such flat land, with mountains closing you off in the far distance. The salt flats were a great place to go crazy with filming and taking pictures- we had all the room in the world to fly the drone like idiots and to drive without fear of someone hitting us on the scooter.

Boondocking at the Salt Flats

Of course, Campendium to the rescue again when looking for boondocking at the Salt Flats. West of the flats there is BLM at coordinates 40.7723, -113.981 near the mountains. The mountains offer some shade from the beating sun as well as shelter from high winds.The area was relatively garbage free where we camped- as long as you temper your expectations for BLM land. As usual, if you look hard enough you’ll find glass bottles, shotgun shells, and beer cans. I’m always surprised finding shell casings at BLM locations- most of the hunters and gun enthusiasts that I know are extremely diligent in preserving the environment and making sure that they leave behind ZERO trash. That commitment to conservation might be more of a Midwest thing though.

Season 3 Super Hype Video Trailer

Fin put together a little preview of what's to come when we trade in desert browns for forest greens. Time to get out of the desert already! In Season 3 we’ll be making our way through Northern US, Glacier, Yellowstone, Canadian Border, Alcan Highway, Yukon Territory and finally crossing into Alaska.