When Everything Breaks in a RV Part 2: Break Harder

That’s right- everything is breaking in the RV again- (check out the first time here) but this time, it’s the important stuff! Blame it on that Arizona heat, but the RV had some big problems in our time in Phoenix.

Broken RV in the heat

To be fair, it was oppressively hot when we were visiting the area. The desert in summer is a great place to stress test a vehicle before putting it through the gauntlet on the drive to Alaska. After our previous problem with the throttle body and engine power reduced warning, we had purchased an OBD II for understanding engine codes. This made it a lot easier to know that we were having a problem in Phoenix with the ignition coils. Unfortunately, if we wanted to get more specific we’d need a mechanic….Lucky or not, it was the next day that our power went out. We couldn’t turn on anything but the 12V systems whether we were hooked up to shore power or with the generator running- which meant NO AC!The sunny spot in all of this mess was that we were able to get in with a mechanic relatively quickly to work on the RV.

Our worst RV Nightmare

This however, quickly turned into a nightmare. The mechanic/shop owner lied about work completion dates, yelled at his wife/secretary in front of me, yelled at me for showing up at the shop when I was supposed to pick up the RV, and finally- didn’t fix either of the two problems!To cap it all off they left grease stains on the carpet and cabinets.

Silver Lining

On the plus side of the trip to Phoenix?
  • Hiking and camping with the one and only Dave Finney (Fin's dad)!
  • Epic seats at the Taylor Swift concert! (To answer your questions: Yes, I actually do like Taylor Swift. She puts out some absolute bangers. Also yes, the median demographic at the show was tween girls.)
  • How to use a RV toilet.
  • Meeting some girls through Instagram who were also on their own roadtrip for pre concert bevvies.

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