Two RV Problems in One Day

Fixing RV Problems Finally! The ending of a story to stand beside the great trilogies of our time: Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Just like these trilogies have no sequels or prequels, this is it for broken RV stories…. Or is it?This week on our broken RV menu, the hood is falling off AND we’ve got a broken water pump. How fun! Luckily, these are two problems that we can fix ourselves instead of going to a mechanic.

1. Fixing the hood

Fixing the hood was pretty straightforward. The metal bracket on one side of the engine compartment had broken off. After doing some research on how the hood bracket assembly was mounted on the old internet, it seemed like JB Weld was the go to solution for fixing it.While the solution was straightforward, the execution was messy. The necessity for large C clamps meant it would be more expensive to fix than previously thought necessary. We ended up using two large packages of the strongest JB Weld we could find at Lowe's to “re” secure the bracket in its previous place.If this is something you’re looking at yourself, it may be best to remove the hood from the bracket like we did- it makes it much easier to only have to lift up the bracket and do the fine tuning/adjusting without the added bulk of the fiberglass hood still being attached.

2. Broken Water Pump

The water pump was not as simple of a task. The pump was making REALLY loud noises and doing a bit of leaking.Leaky water pumps can be fixed on the cheap by replacing the gasket on them typically or “making” your own. I didn’t have the time/space/mailing address to screw around so I simply looked into replacing it with new.The original model didn’t have a direct replacement available for it so we had to do a bit of digging online to find a good replacement model. Not that its necessary to replace a simple water pump in a RV but my plumbing experience made things seem much more straightforward.The newer pumper had a reduced GPM which would help us stretch out how long our fresh water lasted. After we got it installed, we found that it also ran MUCH quieter and most importantly- NO LEAKS!If you'd like to hear more tales of a broken RV, check out our day stranded on a beach or getting ripped off at an RV Repair Shop in Phoenix!

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