How to Use Packing Cubes for Travel

Did you know there was a right way to pack a carry-on? This video takes packing tips to the next level by introducing you to some new ideas. Using packing cubes to pack a carry on has never been easier with this new packing strategy to pack in the right order!

If you hate watching YouTube videos and just come to this part of the internet to read blogs, Fin's carry on packing advice in the above video can be boiled down to:

Fin's Packing Secrets:

  1. Pack your toiletries, electronics, and shoes first. These things don’t compress well.
  2. Pack all that heavy stuff at the “bottom” of your suitcase or backpack- that way your bag isn’t tipping over all crazy while you’re at the airport.
  3. All that room you have leftover? That’s all that's left for your clothes. Pack accordingly!
  4. Fin's hottest tip is that she uses packing cubes and packs based on outfit or activity. To put it more simply- instead of packing all her shirts in one cube and all of her pants in another, she’ll pack an entire outfit in one bag. That way, when it’s time to go out dancing, she’s got her dancing clothes ready to go!
  5. Put that "extra" stuff off to itself so it doesn't clutter the rest of your carry on.

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