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Make Better Travel Videos

Picture it:  You're standing at the top of Roy's Peak.  The sun is just rising over Lake Wanaka.  You have your trusty GoPro in hand.  Turn it on and point it at the sun?  How do you capture this moment: your feelings, the sounds, the air; so you can share feeling with the world?  Here's a few little things to keep in mind that will make a HUGE difference.

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How To Hand Launch A Drone Phantom 3 / How to Hand Catch a Drone

First off, why do you want to hand launch a drone to begin with?  Aren't we going to chop our little fingers off?

Turns out, there is a great reason to learn to hand launch your Phantom 3 drone.  There are a lot of bad things that can happen to a drone.  One of the times our little robot friends are most vulnerable is during takeoff.  A strong wind gust, tall grass or an uneven surface can spell disaster.  On top of eliminating risk, I prefer to hand launch just to keep dirt and dust away from my camera lens.

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