Coron, Philippines - The most beautiful place on earth

coron philippines

TRIPPED in Coron, Busuanga Philippines! Continuing to kick things off the bucket list in the Philippines, the group heads to Coron Town to rent a boat for a day spent island hopping to such destinations as Coron Island, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, and Kayangan Lake. After the best day of their lives spent island hopping, the group splits up in search of their own adventures. Some head out to new depths to do some wreck diving around Akitsushima, Okikawa Maru and Irako. Others hire motorbikes and head for the west coast of Busuanga Island. Still others think the best way to spend the day is lounging by the pool at the Coron Westown Resort. After the boys take off for Bangkok, the Diemers spend the night in a treehouse at Sanctuaria Treehouse. The also spend a few nights at the Coron Underwater Garden Resort before flying off to Cambodia.