Cruise from Singapore - an easy way to visit South East Asia

cruise from singapore

A week cruise in South East Asia

My parents wanted to visit us somewhere along our 10 month around-the-world honeymoon. After finding a cheap fare to Singapore we found another good deal on a Princess Cruise for the four of us.

Princess cruises malaysia

Malaysia wasn’t particularly on anyone’s “bucket list” per say, but with having no experience traveling in Asia AT ALL at the time, we booked this trip that seemed “easy enough” for new travelers.

After a day spent in Singapore enjoying the family reunion, the Diemers and the Finneys sail out of port on a Princess Cruise. The week long cruise will hit the destinations of Langkawi, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur.

In Penang, we explore Little India. Later, they head out of town to a temple that is of course closed ten minutes before they arrive. Promising to do a bit better at the next step, the Diemers hire a boat in Langkawi for a day spent island hopping on relaxing on different beaches. Without a bit of surprise, the highlight of the day is feeding random beach monkeys.