Dubai Desert Safari - Expectations vs. Reality

dubai dune bashing review

Finally! Time for Dubai! After dipping their toes in the unfamiliar city of Istanbul, Dubai represents a place completely unfamiliar to both of the Diemers. The only knowledge they have going in is that there is a really tall building and it’s super hot there. Turns out, Dubai has been built from the sand-up to be a tourist destination of the next century. Endless clean beaches, desert sun, shopping malls that are attractions in themselves, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Old Dubai, Dubai Fountain, Mall of the Emirates, water parks like Wild Wadi, Boat rides across the Dubai Creek…..the list goes on and on. The Diemers spend a week in Dubai and still don’t have enough time to do half the things on the Must Do List for Dubai. They quickly fall in love with Kite Beach and find they have to tear themselves away in order to do anything else while in town. Kite Beach is incredibly well kept and the cleanest sand they’ll visit in most of the world. The water, while not Philippines clear, is clean and bathwater warm. Dubai is home to world renowned architecture, but it’s some of the smaller hidden treasures of the city that hold the most charm. A day spent walking around Old Dubai can be a cheap adventure- great food and lots of interesting shops to poke your head around in. Additionally, a quick walk through Deira Fish Market will have you questioning just how many sharks one city can eat. Tim, a simple man at best, was most impressed with the food that can be found in Dubai. The Diemers went to Ravi Restaurant once a day for a week, and on one day, three separate occasions. Ravi Restaurant serves up Pakistani food, which Tim didn’t even know was it’s own special thing. Turns out, Pakistani food is awesome-spicy enough to make your nose sweat. The Diemers wrap things up with a desert safari that sets a tone of disappointing tours for the rest of the trip. What was promised? Dune bashing, sandboarding, camel rides, dinner and a show. What was delivered? Apathy and sadness. (The dune bashing part was pretty sweet though.)