Can you believe we found Florida boondocking?! Our first overnight experience is one spent boondocking (dry camping without any hookups or assigned campsites).

Our Florida Boondocking Location

If you’re looking for free camping in Florida near Ocala, check out Lake Panakofskee. We had a great first time experience there as we were one of two vehicles in a massive park.  We were actually a little bit blown away by just how "free" this whole first experience was.  The ability to set up absolutely anywhere in the park was great.  It certainly didn't hurt that we were able to grab a great spot under some tall trees to give us some shade from the beating sun.The whole time we were setting up, we kept expecting a ranger or campground host to come over and yell at us for not paying or for parking in the wrong spot. That never happened though!

Recent RV Challenges

Our 2005 Winnebago Sightseer may have had a refresh on the inside, but much of it is still a 13 year old RV that’s sat outside in the salty Florida air a bit too long. Adding to the list (and the credit card tab) is the fact that I dropped our Panasonic G7 in the livewell of the fishing boat before we left. Salt water and cameras don’t mix well.Additionally, we had a problem with the RV steps not fully retracting.   Blame it on the salt in the air or the old age of the RV but the steps were pretty much rusted shut.  I had to beat on them with a 4x4 to get them to retract and then tied them up with a length of rope to keep them from drooping while driving. florida boondocking florida boondockingBefore this episode: we renovate the RV in Florida.  You can watch our 2 month renovation in 7 mintuesAfter this episode: we survive a Gator Air Boat tourAs always, you can be notified of new episodes by subscribing to our YouTube Channel