It is here! Our new Fulltime RV living Documentary.  We are driving to Alaska and documenting the entire way!After completing a one year around the world honeymoon, Tim and Fin didn't want to traveling to stop. They spent a year after coming home from their honeymoon (documented on YouTube in the series TRIPPED)I'm not sure why we're speaking in third person.We put our noses to the grindstone for a year in Indianapolis getting our Amazon store TRIPPED Travel Gear up and running so that we could work from the road (and never need to ask for "vacation days" ever again!).We now are two married thirty somethings, we have a 10lb teddy bear dog, Pepper, and one Winnebago RV are finally now fulltime rv living! This #RVLife never ceases to disappoint.  In January and February 201 we completed a full RV Renovation and then left in March 2018 fulltime on the road.We are on our way to ALASKA documenting every moment in our series TRIPPED RV. ALSO:This "TRIPPED RV" Trip to Alaska is really only where the journey begins. The reason we are driving to Alaska is to begin the Pan American Highway. The "Pan American Highway" is just a label (not one actual road) to describe the longest drivable distance on planet earth. Beginning summer 2018 when we arrive in Alaska we will begin this Pan American adventure where we drive south (and likely change vehicles along the way to something smaller) down to the southern tip of Argentina.Join us every Wednesday and Sunday for a new episode of TRIPPED RV.In the meantime, we wanted to share our schedule for the rest of the year:March: Austin, Texas where we’ll catch you up on the story so far.April: New Mexico, Arizona, UtahMay: Colorado, Wyoming, MontanaJune: Alberta Canada (Banff & Jasper)July: Yukon andAlaska August: Far north of AlaskaSeptember: Start heading South. Oct-Dec: West Coast USA stuff before dipping into Mexico at the beginning of 2019