Visiting Gollinger Waterfall, Austria

We found Gollinger Waterfall in the best way possible - spontaneously seeing a sign on the side of the road! On a road trip from Germany to Croatia (driving from Salzburg to Lake Bled), Tim saw a sign that said "Wasserfall".  We assumed that meant "waterfall" in German and pulled off the side of the road.It was a small entrance fee to enter in to the park- and then wow.  Gollinger Waterfall is basically a scene out a Disney movie.  At the top of the falls it literally looked like a Disney log ride was going to come through with dozens of joyful tourists.  But no, just nature.

Visiting Gollinger Waterfall

If you plan on visiting the waterfall make sure to plan on a bit of hiking.  The hike was certainly not strenuous and is something that most everyone would be able to do (plan on lots of stairs).  You'll want to have good walking shoes and maybe even a rain jacket!  On some of the walkways in front of the falls we were getting hit with so much spray that it was hard to keep the camera dry!

Gollinger Tour vs. Driving

As with many tourism sights the day can be planned in many ways.  Tim and I couldn't believe we were the only ones in sight.  We had the entire area to ourselves for the full two hours we walked around.  It was so incredible to feel like we just "stumbled upon" this huge force of nature!Visiting the falls on a tour would have a different feel that walking around alone but the area is so large that there is lots of room to spread out and enjoy a piece of the falls alone.  However, if you have access to a vehicle, driving to and parking at the falls was a breeze and there were lots of signs and guides to get us there (even though we had to plan to visit!)