Ha Long Bay on a Budget | Vietnam Motorcycle Trip to Cat Ba Island

Toward the end of our Vietnam motorbike trip we found ourselves at a crossroads. (Metaphorically instead of literally for once). We still wanted to explore Ha Long Bay but we needed to do it in a budget friendly way.  Even the lowest priced junk boat tours were too expensive.The best solution we found to still get out on the water? Book a trip on the Cat Ba Island Ferry.

Cat Ba Island Ferry| Ha Long Bay on a Budget

Cat Ba is an island in Ha Long Bay that is accessible via ferry from the town of Hai Phong (only $6USD/person!) Many tourists visit Halong via junkboat tours, but arguably the cheapest (and still awesome) way to see the bay is via the ferry. Travelers aboard the ferry can still take in the incredible limestone mountains and emerald waters of the bay.  At the end of the ride you can spend time out on Cat Ba Island taking in the different vistas that the shoreline offers. Our hotel in Hai Phong was only $11/night, so getting to experience one of the world's most beautiful locations for under $25USD for the 2 OF US was INCREDIBLE!The island of Cat Ba was an absolute blast to explore on motorcycle.  Visitors can either rent a motorcycle on the island or bring theirs on the ferry.  There is a very small surcharge for bringing your motorbike along.  There were an almost overwhelming number of things to do such as climbing, kayak tours, hiking or just relaxing at a beach.  Just taking a motorbike ride through Cat Ba was entertainment in itself.

Vietnam Motorcycle Trip Packing List

If you are gearing up for your own Vietnam motorcycling adventure consider checking out this video where we go over some basic items you'll want to bring with.  While all you really need is a motorbike and a sense of adventure this list of things to pack will make the trip that much easier.