Big Fail. Booked the wrong Halibut Tour in Homer

Homer is known for being “the end of the road”. The 5 miles out in to the ocean on to the Homer Spit is the farthest WEST connective road goes in North America. After driving all the way to Alaska from Florida, we were beyond excited to arrive.

Homer is a unique Alaskan town and has been called the “cosmic hamlet by the sea” and “a sort of Key West in a parka”.

It also is the “Halibut fishing capital of the world” where is limit is only 2 fish, but Halibut in these waters can weigh in up to 400lbs.

We left in the early morning on a charter boat to head out far from shore out to the deep shelves where the Halibut like to hang. It wasn’t long however, before we realized just what the day was going to be like. Our captain rolled his eyes and let us know we were “lucky” he was out with us on opening day of moose hunting season… maybe luck, along with $325/person,, ok. The day began with 6 of us watching a very hands-off training on ‘how to fish for halibut” and off we went..mmm wrong, I guess.

But, eh, it was all good, I mean at least is wasn’t raining! Then… we had one!... Maybe.

After 5-12 times of catching each others lines and dismantling tangles the captain decided we should try our luck elsewhere.

We arrived to find the largest waves we've ever been out in!

It wasn’t exactly the “woooo! Take a picture with your fish” crowd – and off it went in to the bin it went. But – Debbie and I decided it called for a it more – celebrating.

With an hour left on the carter, bob continued to try his luck while Debbie and I sat back and decided catching each others lines all day had meant we had the biggest catches on the boat!

Hah, it wasn’t all a loss. By the end of the day Bob had another fish up in the boat.

And even Tim caught a second one.

We even had the captain warmed up a bit at the end.