How we afford to travel fulltime? We work a ton!After our year-long honeymoon around the world (documented in our TRIPPED series)We only knew one thing: we didn't want to stop traveling.That meant we needed to figure out a way to support ourselves and be able to work from the road while we travel.


After one year living in Indianapolis building our Amazon business. TRIPPED Travel Gear is our Amazon store where we currently sell packing compression cubes and lightweight daypack backpacks.Once we were able to get our business up and running we knew we could begin putting together the next trip.With our new dog Pepper we weren't planning on taking many flights and knew an RV was going to be a great way to satisfy our work/life balance, travel with a dog, and see our beautiful country!how we afford to travel fulltimePepper is QUICK and hard to capture on camera :)


This "TRIPPED RV" Trip to Alaska is really only where the journey begins. The reason we are driving to Alaska is to begin the Pan American Highway. The "Pan American Highway" is just a lable (not one actual road) to describe the longest drivable distance on planet earth.We'll arrive in Alaska in summer 2018. This will begin the Pan American adventure where we drive south. We'll likely change vehicles along the way to something smaller down to the southern tip of Argentina.


It took us about 5 years to get to this point.  Not any of it was easy but all of it- so rewarding. We don't feel lucky for how we are able to live now; only proud that we are finally at the stage that we worked to hard to get to.Looking forward to bringing you along for the adventure and hoping to inspire you to get out there and live your own adventure.