Best Day Trip in Koh Phi Phi

We thought that Bobs Booze Cruise was going to be super tacky or obnoxious- we were completely mistaken. Bobs Booze Cruise Koh Phi Phi Thailand is one of the best things to do while in Phi Phi! While on the cruise guests get to experience sailing, snorkeling, kayaks, and Reefs.  The booze cruise makes stops at Maya Bay, Monkey beach, Loh Samah Bay, and does sunset at Wang Long Cove. On top of all of this there are plenty of included drinks!

best day trip in koh phi phi

While the tour was a bit more expensive than others available on the island, the reviews speak for themselves. If you don't believe us be sure to check out the bulletproof reviews on TripAdvisor.  If you're not one for sailing, Captain Bob offers a speed boat booze cruise as well.  If I remember correctly it visits more locations and holds more people.  In my personal opinion, the sailboat was the best way to go.

koh phi phi boat tour

Bobs Booze Cruise Koh Phi Phi Staff: Simply the best

The staff was incredibly friendly and devoted to making sure that passengers had a great time. Additionally, the tour operators were very eco-conscious.  It's understandable if some people object to feeding wild monkeys fruit. On the other hand, the tour was very respectful toward the ocean. The sailboat did not drop anchor but rather used permanent moorings.  This prevents boats from damaging reefs by dropping anchor.

We took part in way too many tours while in Thailand where the operators destroyed local reefs by constantly dropping their anchors.

Protecting Thailand’s Environment

Additionally, the staff makes sure that all garbage is picked up and stays out of the water.  I'm 100% confident that our boat left Maya Bay cleaner than we found it. The whole group (tourists and staff) would grab any garbage we saw floating in the water.

Koh Phi Phi Party

The party level never got out of control even with the beer and alcohol flowing nonstop.  The cruise starts with a quick stop in Monkey Beach to feed some monos some frutas.

Bob’s Booze Cruise

Our stop in Maya Bay was still relaxing even though it's packed with tourists these days. The sailboat moored far away from the beach and kayaks were available to those who wanted to go ashore. More interesting was the snorkeling in the Bay with plenty of healthy reef to explore and beautiful fishies to take selfies with.