Checking off our Croatia Bucket List at Krka Waterfalls

krka waterfalls

The Perfect Afternoon at Krka Waterfalls

In another tantalizing episode of Tripped, Tim + Fin begin their road trip back to Munich with the goal of reaching Oktoberfest in time after enjoying a great week in Dubrovnik. First however, they must contend with a traffic block on a remote mountain road in Croatia and race to clock to make the ferry in time.

Afterwards, they continue their drive in their trusty Opal Corsa to Krka Waterfalls and the Skocjan Caves in Slovenia.

(start video at 3:12 to view Krka Waterfalls)

Krka waterfalls or plitvice lakes?

Sidenote: Krka waterfalls VS Plitvice Lakes- If you can only do one, know that you can swim in Krka waterfalls. While it’s teeming with other tourists, it’s also an absolute blast and set in a beautiful national park. Plitvice Lakes are a much more tranquil and hands off experience, although they are surrounded by great hiking paths.