Luxury RV Resort - Learning How to Hook Up the RV

It’s time to finally hook up the RV in our first RV resort as well as show you what a luxury RV resort experience looks like. Today we are in New Orleans!First things first-time to dump the tanks. In my previous life as a plumber, I spent more than my share of time inside of septic tanks and sewers than most care to know-so this should be easy!On the other hand, I’ve never actually hooked up the hose or pulled the plugs… this should go well.The episode isn’t entirely focused on our black tank contents of course! We also are excited to take you on a quick tour of French Quarter RV Resort in downtown New Orleans. The resort is pricey but there are tons of amenities. Needless to say, aside from a school bus conversion, we’re likely the least expensive RV on the lot by several hundred thousand dollars!luxury rv resortBefore this episode we stroll around the streets looking for Vietnamese Food.After this episode we finally get to get out on the town in New Orleans!