What to do in Moab, Utah

There was a lot of pressure on Moab to be a great destination after coming off of a streak of bad luck between Phoenix and Monument Valley. Happy to say that our visit there exceeded our wildest expectations. Moab was a blast between the different parks we stayed at, the Kayak river tour, and the RZR rental used to explore Chicken Corners and slick rock.

Full Day Rafting with Moab Adventure Center

We booked our day long Colorado Rafting Adventure through Moab Adventure Center. We put in near Fishers Towers and spent the next 7 hours (plus lunchtime) rafting down the river. MAC had the option to choose a two person inflatable kayak instead of sitting in the larger 6 person rafts.Of course, we had to choose the inflatable kayak to make the whole rafting trip an adventure. Since we were going later in the season, the river was a quite a bit calmer and the rapids were….civilized to say the least. I might have had to intentionally flip us just to spice things up.The tour was $105 per adult for the day. It included a BBQ lunch (with beer). We feel like we got our values worth- the tour delivered what it promised, the guides were super friendly and helpful.

RZR Rental from Moab Tour Company

Doing some offroading and slickrock crawling is what Moab is all about. While some might prefer to do it via bicycle we went the petrol powered route. Our RZR was around $350 to rent for 24 hours from Moab Tour Company.Since we had almost no experience with the area, we spent the first day exploring the path our to Chicken Corners. The driver there and back took the better part of the day- to say we never stopped sweating would be an understatement. We baked for the ENTIRE day.  The hike out to Chickens Corners turned a little bit... dramatic.  You'll see in the video.The next day, I journeyed off solo to do some slickrock crawling. Instead of putting dozens of miles on at high speeds like Chickens Corners, the experience on slick rock is all about verticality and rock climbing. There was less crying as Fin didn't come out that day and I didn't do anything stupid.

Take the RZR out by yourself

With no guide or prior experience , I was absolutely terrified driving up some of the inclines. It’s only that the dude at the rental agency was adamant about the capabilities of the RZR that I was able to just plow ahead and hope for the best.While $350 is a lot of money to plunk down for a RZR rental, I feel like we got a lot of value out of the 24 hour rental. There are such incredible places to explore in Moab that you can’t get to without an offroad vehicle. It’s highly doubtful the Zuma could have carried us to Chicken Corners :)