New Zealand Campervan Roadtrip

The New Zealand campervan roadtrip was, in many ways, the culmination of our year abroad. After touch down in Christchurch and a bit of airport “camping”, we picked up our Wicked Campervan and were on our way! We spent the next six weeks touring both the South and North Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand Campervan Roadtrip Preparation

We strategically chose the beginning of our roadtrip to start in Christchurch.  Christchurch was great for two reasons. Firstly,  there was a Wicked Camper location. Secondly, it made logical sense as a place to begin our drive without having to double back. The first two days after our arrival was mostly prep for the next weeks. Picking up the campervan, hitting up KMart for camping essentials, cleaning up previously used and “donated” goods from Wicked Camper, and surprise visits to the hospital.

Why Wicked Campers?

Wicked Campers has a poor reputation in New Zealand.  Many of their vans are decorated in offensive slogans or images.  Even if the van decoration is as vanilla as it gets the contents of the van can still be offensive.  Specifically- "low rent tourists".   Many locals in New Zealand are fed up with the younger travel crowd that seems to overwhelm the islands. They see these tourists as disrespectful, harmful to the environment (i.e. leaving literal crap everywhere) and worst of all, not contributing to the economy.That being said, low cost is exactly why we chose Wicked Camper. They were far cheaper than any other option on the island.  We even broke out the costs of renting a car and simply tent camping from another rental agency and that was still more expensive.Wicked Campers in Christchurch is located at 135 Ferry Rd, Waltham, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand.

Rough Outline of New Zealand Campervan RoadTrip

A six week whirlwind tour gave us enough time to visit almost everywhere we wanted to go: Timaru, Oamaru, Moeraki, Dunedin, Invercargill, Fiordland National Park, Manapouri, Te Anau, Queenstown, Cardona, Wanaka, Tekapo, Glaciers, Hokitika, Punakaiki and then North to Picton. In Picton we hopped aboard the Bluebridge Ferry to Wellington where continued driving North toward Auckland with stops along the way for plenty of hiking and camping.

New Zealand Campervan Essentials

Ready to fly to New Zealand and start your road trip?  Consider checking out this video for a few things you might consider bringing along to make the trip better!

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