Best of New Zealand North Island in 1 Week

Tripped New Zealand Ep8

TONGARIRO ALPINE CROSSING - New Zealand North Island - LOTR Mt. Doom

We’re taking you along on one of the most quintessential things to do in New Zealand- The Tongariro Alpine Crossing. We thought the Tongariro day hike was the best hike we did during our six week visit to New Zealand. That’s probably the least controversial opinion anyone could have by the way. On the trek, hikers get to see volcanoes, march up Mt Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe), and visit Red Crater, Blue Lake and the Emerald Lakes.

The hike is doable in one day although you need to be fit and keep moving. We started the hike at 10AM and definitely were some of the last people to try to finish the entire trek that day. Starting earlier is HIGHLY recommended. Also, if you’re planning on doing this hike- bring a lot of water and dress appropriately. While it may be sunny and hot at the start of the trek by the time you get to your first volcano you’ll find yourself shivering.