Online Business Ideas For You to Try This Year

One exciting aspect of being able to work and travel is meeting the other people who do the same work as you! We sat down with Louise from Solopreneur Sidekick to talk about how we have been able to make money while traveling and some of the ideas we have for you to join in the fun!

 We met Louise while we were staying in Sayulita at a networking facility (for more info on these check out our other blog “How to Support a Life of Travel”). Louise has just gotten back from 3 years of living in Bali and, like us, was eager to travel. It just goes to show that there are plenty of people like us out there! If you’re excited about travel but you’re worried you’re the only one wanting to quit their job and hit the road, we promise you’re not alone. We meet people all the time who have chosen the path that we have and Louise is a great example of this!

Don’t know where to begin with making money through online businesses? Keep reading.

What is a Digital Product?


A digital product is tough to define. I mean it’s a product… that’s digital. Hmmm.

Digital products can be a huge variety of things. The main benefit of digital products being that it’s not something that needs to be delivered one-on-on or face-to-face. It can end up being as simple as sending someone a file (which can even be automated). Some examples of these types of products are online courses which are what Louise specializes in but could also be eBooks, templates, photography editing presets, and so many more. Overall, digital products are something that you only have to create once and then are able to sell it and varieties of the same product as many times as you want to as many people as you want! That’s why digital products are so exciting. Digital products are products that you can sell without having to deal with inventory or shipping. What an awesome deal?!

Louise has her online classes set up through her website (linked below), but for us, we were able to set up digital products through Amazon so we didn’t have to create our own online store. Amazon allows you to sell physical products, but also eBooks as well!

Work With What You Know

The idea of creating a digital product, especially something as intense as an online class, may seem daunting. How do you know how to even begin? Think about your skill set and what you consider yourself to be an expert in. Is it photography? Travel? Car detailing? Anything! The possibilities are truly endless. So you’re then able to take this skill set or expertise and turn it into an online course for others to learn from. People look to learn in ways that are clear, concise, and available online. Nobody wants to fall down the Google rabbit hole when trying to learn something new. People will absolutely pay for education especially if it’s all in one space. Find your level of expertise, niche down, and see what results you can deliver to people.

Finding Your Niche

So online courses and eBooks aren’t your strong suit. Then what? These aren’t the only options out there as mentioned before. In our “How to Support a Life of Travel” blog, we talked about freelancing opportunities. This allows you to get started and find that niche so you are then able to move up, and increase your income by moving to digital products. It can even be used as a supplement or could end up completely overtaking your freelancing work. Start small and build up if it seems too overwhelming at first. Building a clientele is crucial and we all have to start somewhere!

How to Get Started

The most important aspect of getting started in your online business is to have a clear outline of what you will be focusing on. This could be an outline of what lessons you want to cover in your online class or could be a timeline of all that needs to occur to have your digital product ready to sell. Keep these goals result driven to be sure you are aiming towards getting things done, not just conceptual points.

Resources That Help

There are plenty of templates and resources to help you get started as well. Software such as Teachable or You To Me allows you to plug in your points into a template to help create a successful online course. This allows you to focus on the content itself instead of having to worry about building a website. The students take courses from these platforms then a portion of the profits goes back to you.

How to Market Your Digital Products

There are so many ways to get the word out about your products. Using already instilled software or platforms such as the above mentioned Teachable or You To Me allows people to find your content while using platforms they are already familiar with.

Social media is also a great and cheap way to market yourself and your products. We use Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to market ourselves and our products. We wouldn’t necessarily consider ourselves “YouTubers” in the sense that people think of the platform. We more feel as though it’s an appropriate way to market our products given that our products are online. YouTube isn’t only a social media tool but is more considered a search engine. People plug in what they are looking for and then come across our content. They are then able to learn more about our products and courses on our websites after finding us on platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. Social media such as YouTube and Instagram also is a way that we have found to generate a portion of our income as travelers.

Go Create!

Completely online businesses and products are a fairly new and sometimes difficult concept to understand. It may take a few (or many) tries to make it work for both your products and your lifestyle. We wanted to show you that it’s not impossible, but it is more work than just blog writing and posting on Instagram. So go out, find your niche, and start creating! You never know where it will take you.

Interview with Louise with Soloprenuer Sidekick

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