Our Road to Success - How we are able to travel full-time

WE MADE IT.  The main reason we want to share our story is to show that "overnight success" usually takes about 5 years.  I remember looking at other people online thinking they were lucky.  What I didn't know was their full story.  Here's ours.

  • 2013: Made a plan. Saved Money.
  • 2015: Quit jobs to travel.
  • 2016: Ran out of money. Learned we need to be able to work from the road.
  • 2017: Worked 9-5 & moonlighted online business.

Our old jobs

Before our trip around the world I worked for an HR Tech company.  When we came back from our trip around the world I reached out to old clients and began world as an outside consultant so that I could work from home.  Tim got a very low paying 9-5 job.  While his salary was low it had everything we needed: he was walking distance to work, he was able to come home every day for lunch and he was home every day no later than 5pm.Because Tim's job was so "clock-out at the end of the day" it gave him the true Other 8 Hours (game-changer book if you haven't read it) to build his own business.  Tim got our Amazon store up and running during the evenings and weekends after his 9-5 salary job.Once Tripped Travel Gear was off the ground a bit 10 months later, Tim was able to put in his two weeks and leave his job! Also what he describes to be the most important, memorable and proudest day of his life.

Fulltime on the road

who are tim and fin
  • 2018: RV Florida to Alaska while working fulltime from the road.
Which brings us to:


We are so fortunate that now the success of our Amazon business can support all three of us from anywhere in the world. No meetings with clients, no timezone differences, no "hours for dollars" mentality.This is why we are selling the RV. While the RV gave us the ability to both work and travel we don't want to be limited anymore to only visiting locations we can drive to.As of right now we will be spending the rest of 2018 in USA wrapping up a few projects.  You will continue to see TRIPPED Season 3 to Alaska every Sunday on YouTube through the end of the year.

Future Travel Plans

At the beginning of the year we shared that we had plans of driving the PanAmerican Highway: the longest drive in the world from Alaska to Argentina.  Our plan was never to tackle that road in the RV.  We were planning on downsizing in to a 4x4 vehicle.  After a year on the road we realized.... we don't really like driving! Hah!HOWEVER - I am fluent in Spanish and want nothing more than to travel through Central and South America.We didn't visit this region the previous trip around the world KNOWING we wanted to spend a year or more in Mexico, Central and South America.  That's the plan now! We'll just be traveling slowly but instead of driving we'll be renting AirBnb's along the way and have the flexibility of hopping on a plane for some spontaneous trips to Europe and Asia as we like while calling Latin America home-base.We can't believe we've documented this entire journey from the beginning in 2015.  While we didn't have many of you around until this year, I guess the biggest thing we'd like to share is -- this is our story.Don't look at our pictures and think - "lucky" - go back and watch TRIPPED Season 1 Europe when with only a little cash in our pockets and a backpack on our backs. We left job security behind to hit the road with the biggest fear of "not finding a job when we got home"..Look at us now..Take the leap, and get on the road.  Love you all and all of your CONSTANT kind words and messages. XO