It isn't always the same but it is always chaos!  We thought it was time to share how we plan our travel day.  This is typically also the day we plan to film. This isn’t the typical video we put out- we wanted to share a little behind the scenes.

How We Plan Our Travel Day

When we have a “film day” we typically line up a few different activities/locations that we think will make for interesting content. The morning of this specific day was almost a complete bust for that!We had done our research on things to do in New Orleans aside from drinking the day before. We were excited to learn about an early morning Vietnamese market, some awesome Vietnamese restaurants and a battlefield that we could visit.On the actual day of, the market consisted of a handful of people selling in a parking lot, the restaurants were all closed until much later than their stated opening time, and the battlefield didn’t open until nearly noon.To salvage days like this we try to stay flexible and just come up with other places to visit. For New Orleans we went to the riverwalk.We continue our streak of bad luck and things breaking on the trip! Our faithful drone Chappie had a pretty serious crash near the Mississippi. We’ve included the grainy footage here, but if you’re keeping track at home that’s now a camera, the RV steps, and a drone in the past week!how we plan our travel day how we plan our travel dayhow we plan our dayBefore this we survived a swamp tour in Mississippi.After this we hook up our RV for the first time in downtown New Orleans.