RV Computer Set Up - Travel Vlogging from the Road

Looking for an RV Computer set up of your own? Computers are complicated. Electricity is scary. Fin explains both of them in today's special video.

The need for a new laptop

A bit more seriously, Fin has been known to make computers cry. Since she’s constantly editing video while we travel, her laptops tend to get quite a workout. By the time we’d reached Sedona, we decided it was time to upgrade her to something a bit faster and more powerful- it was becoming a huge waste of time waiting for her old computer to try to keep up with what she was doing in Premier Pro.One of the complications of living in a RV though is getting things delivered while you’re on the road. When orders aren’t available for next day shipping, having them sent to UPS stores in upcoming destinations can be like trying to hit a moving target. Luckily, UPS stores are willing to receive packages for us for a small fee.Fin got to upgrade to a Dell XPS with a UHD touch screen, a REAL video card, and a host of other specs that she explains better in the video. ALL of the specs.

How do you charge a laptop in an RV?

We also take some time to walk through the power situation in the RV. While there are limitless videos on solar power build outs for RV’s, the fact that we will only be in our RV for one year meant we didn’t want to invest into something like that.Instead, we purchased a $100 inverter that we hooked directly to our batteries.Since we don’t have a TV and AC can’t run on a battery set up anyway, our battery needs are incredibly minimal. Basically, we’ll use the inverter to recharge our laptops a few times while we’re boondocking. It also helps to have a fast way to charge the camera batteries.If the batteries get too low (close to half charge) or we need AC or a LOT of electronic batteries charged at once, we’ll turn on the generator and charge away.

Our Tech Gear

If you're curious about our set up - here's our list of gear we roll with! If you're new to video editing Fin teaches a quick casual course about getting started - and you get 50% by finding it through our Blog!

How to Edit Video for Beginners

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