RV Internet Options - Uncomplicating the Clutter

Looking for an easy RV internet set up? Look no further.

Our Easy RV Internet Set Up

It it fits your budget, the $95 month T Mobile Unlimited plan is by far the best bang for your buck in our opinion. While it may not sound sexy or sophisticated, we’ve been using T Mobile for 5 months now and except for a few spots where service was dodgy, could not be happier with out setup.
What about weBoost?
A lot of RV blogs and Youtube videos talk about using things like weBoost or scouring eBay for Verizon plans with unlimited data. While we spent a lot of time weighing these options, ultimately, using T Mobile seemed like a low risk no brainer.
The Super Complicated RV Internet Setup
We literally took an old unlocked iPhone 5 and got a SIM card for it at T- Mobile.To be very specific, the plan we have is:
  • ONE Plus International $70 + ONE Plus International $25
While the International is a nice solution since we’ll be using this phone in Canada and Mexico, the real reason to spring for the $25 extra per month is for unlimited streaming to devices. That’s right- Our iPhone 5 is an unlimited hotspot. Typically, other carriers like ATT and Verizon limit how much data you can use when using the phone as a hotspot. They also limit the bandwidth provided to devices- you don’t have that problem with T Mobile. In the fine print, T- Mobile does state that users over 50GB per month will lose data speed if the network is congested in their local area, but we haven’t seen that reflected in performance yet.As a quick example, in July 2018 we used 190 GB of data. That’s an insane amount of data usage, even for a home- but that goes hand in hand with running a remote online based business. Even after all that data usage, as I sit here writing this I’m pulling 40 Mbps down and 14 up. That’s VERY usable internet speed! Problems with our RV Internet Solution -If there's no T Mobile service, you’re SOL for unlimited internet. Luckily for us, we also both have AT&T cell plans with 6GB hotspots so we’re typically fine in a pinch to at least still work- the data cap means no Netflix though!