RV RENOVATION - 2 months of work in 7 minutes

Our RV Renovation took 2 months of work but we have narrowed down this video to 7 minutes - hah!Before the RV remodel/renovation AFTER tour, you’ve got to see some of the sweat that went into the RV transformation! We spent two months parked in Florida working on the renovation of our 2005 Winnebago Sightseer, trying to update the RV for the next year of full time RV life.

Budget RV Renovation

Additionally, this is what one would call a budget RV remodel.  We've all seen some of the incredible remodels/complete teardowns/ overhauls that are littered across Pinterest and Youtube. Since we're planning on spending almost exactly one year in this Class A for our Pan American roadtrip we don't want to invest too much money into it.  That means that we'll be doing all the work ourselves and limiting the scope of the project.For example, solar energy is hugely popular in RV community right now- and with good reason.  By investing in a proper solar setup RV owners can be all but completely free of the standard power grid.  However, the up front investment is high and the return takes years.  Since we want to limit the amount of money we're sinking into the Sightseer we'll be skipping the solar upgrade and instead relying on the built in Onan generator for power needs.RV Renovation RV Renovation RV Renovation RV Renovation RV Renovation 

RV Renovation Update:

UPDATE: Having living in the RV full time for two months we've barely even used the generator.  We can typically power our laptops and other energy needs off the inverter we purchased and only drain the house batteries to half capacity.  We typically only turn the generator on to quickly use the microwave or for the once a month session where it needs to be run for an hour for maintenance.Instead of 6 weeks of waiting for paint to dry in a high humidity climate, you can watch a timelapse of a few seconds of painting and feel all the satisfaction that comes along with it. This episode is like a mashup of Property Brothers by way of Fixer Upper-except with none of the expertise. Also, instead of a house, it’s a huge car. (Yes- An RV is a car you can shower in.)For this remodel, we-Change hardware out in the RV.Paint the cabinets and walls.Remove the TV and replace with a large cabinet.Put up subway tile.Install fancy time faucets.MUCH MUCH MOREWant to know why we can live fulltime in an RV?  Check out: How we Afford to Travel FulltimeAs always you can be notified of new RV videos on our YouTube Channel