RV Renovation Tour- Before and After

We're finally ready to share our RV renovation tour!  Come on in and check out our lack of interior design skills! This was our attempt at creating a livable space for our year on the road.Renovation videos are no fun without having an idea what the place looked like before hand, so we'll be including some clips showing what it looked like before it went under construction. Hope you enjoy!

Renovated RV Tour- The Before

Our 2005 Winnebago started this journey as a well taken care of (albeit 12 year old) 30 ft Class A.  The previous owners had taken great care of the vehicle and the inside was in as great of shape as you could hope for with a "vintage" RV that had over 40,000 miles on it.When we first started shopping for a used RV to renovate, the most important thing to us was that the RV was mechanically sound. We were really flexible on exact length, number of slides, accessories, and manufacturer.  Since we knew we'd be ripping out most of the inside it'd be nice to be able to count on the engine and chassis being reliable.  Whether that plan worked out is still up to debate.The Winnebago Sightseer we ended up purchasing was really clean and the owners knew a lot about the all the mechanical ins and outs of the RV.  While any older vehicle is likely to have some issues down the road, before turning over the Winnebago, the seller went ahead and finished fixing the generator before we picked it up. That left us only having to pay for new steer tires and a few small (ish) mechanical issues before we hit the road.

Renovated RV Tour- During

If you're interested in all of the work that went into the renovation we quickly summarize 2 months of work in a seven minute video that can be found here.

RV Renovation - Living Room

  • Removed original dinette and jackknife sofa.
  • Painted and replaced hardware on cabinets.
  • Painted all walls.
  • Replaced original shades and valences with new double cell blackout blinds.
  • Installed new console table and L couch from Ikea.
  • Added pallet accent half wall.

RV Renovation - Bathroom

  • Painted and replaced hardware on cabinets.
  • Framed out existing mirror with faux reclaimed beachwood.
  • Replaced sink; Replaced faucet with upgraded residential faucet.
  • Painted existing countertop with faux marble paint.

RV Renovation - Bedroom

  • Painted and replaced hardware on cabinets.
  • Added pallet wood headboard.
  • Upgraded existing mattress to memory foam mattress.
  • Painted existing countertop with faux marble paint.
  • Installed new window treatments.

RV Renovation - Kitchen

  • Subway tiled kitchen backsplash.
  • Painted and replaced hardware on cabinets.
  • Painted existing countertop with faux marble paint.
  • Replaced faucet with upgraded residential retractable faucet.

RV Renovation - Front Cab

  • Removed old reclining chair and replaced with Ikea Cabinet.
  • Removed entry door valence and replaced with reclaimed wood shelf.
  • New window treatments for side window and front cab windows (Thanks Mom and Aunt Donna!)
  • Removed center console ( A plastic monstrosity that was basically only good as a cupholder for two drinks)
  • Removed old standard tv to make room for storage.  Custom made a cabinet door for that space.

Renovated RV Tour - After

Having lived in our renovated RV for coming up on three months now I can say that there are plenty of pluses and minuses to our renovation ideas.


  • Interior looks much nicer overall.
  • Space is much better for full time living and working.
  • No idea how we would have made it this far without a nice L shaped couch to relax on.  It feels like a real living room in our car!


  • Black lower kitchen cabinets collect a lot of dust.  Especially when boondocking in the American Southwest- there is a LOT of red dust blowing around.
  • White walls and cabinets show dirt marks more so than textured faux wood.   Not the end of the world but it requires more cleaning.
  • The feeling of never being done.  Once you open yourself up to customizing the RV, it feels like a never ending task hanging over your head.