SAN ANTONIO BY RV - Market Square & Natural Bridge Caverns

After living with a friend for a month in Austin, we couldn’t be so close to San Antonio for so long and not swing by the Natural Bridge Caverns, Market Square or the Riverwalk!

How to See San Antonio by RV

Natural Bridge Caverns

If you’ve seen any earlier episodes of TRIPPED, you know I absolutely love pulling Fin out of the sunlight and into a dreary cave. In a fantastic turn of luck however, Finney surprised me on our San Antonio trip by taking ME to Natural Bridge Caverns.While a bit less life threatening than walking over sticks placed over a chasm in Thailand, we nonetheless enjoyed that fantastic formations do be found at Natural Bridge. The cave looked like it was designed at Disneyworld- there was incredible variation and size of every type of cave formation.

Market Square El Mercado

Fin’s choice for her number one thing she wanted to do in ol San Antoin. El Mercado was great for photo ops but more of a tourist trap than anything we’d done in a while. If you’re looking to spend way too much money for mediocre tacos or corn in a cup than El Mercado might be your bag.We did pull one great purchase out of Market Square though- an awesome set of horns for the front of our scooter. We’ve been running these bull horns for three months now and they’re a crowd pleaser. We still need a matching set for the front of the Winn though!

San Antonio Riverwalk

At the San Antonio Riverwalk, neither of us knew what to expect. The riverwalk is home to restaurants, bars, and boat rides. Everyone within the entire city of San Antonio also was at the riverwalk the night we went. So packed.The Riverwalk was an alright place to visit but the size of the crowd and the lackluster food being served all around makes it a place that we wouldn’t be dying to get back to.


We remembered it! Quickly as well! In true TRIPPED style, we hit the Alamo with a "drive-by".  With the help of a friend driving her car, we jumped out of an SUV, ran around and "saw" the Alamo all in the time it took her to circle the block.Accented by the neon lights of Ripleys Believe it or Not across the street, some of the historical significance of the building may have been lost on us that evening.