Santa Fe, New Mexico in an RV

We approach Santa Fe, New Mexico in an RV! This city is EXACTLY the place we needed after we spent time breaking bad in Albuquerque. The vibe here in Santa Fe is very much “mountain town”. Its hard to believe that ABQ and Sante Fe are only 1 hour from each other by car because they couldn’t feel more different. While we're here we hike Picacho Peak and figure out what is a Meow Wolf

Hiking Picacho Peak in Santa Fe

Off of Canyon road in Eastern Sante Fe we found our way to the Dale Ball trail head. The Picacho Peak hike (pronounced Pikachu because of the pokemon that can be found in the area) is an incredibly beautiful, casual hike in close proximity to the city. That means that parking on the weekend is a nightmare. When you’re parking a 30ft RV, it’s a double nightmare.After so many National Parks where Pepper couldn’t accompany us it was great to be on a trail that dogs were allowed. While you’re supposed to keep your dog on a leash, out of the 20 dogs we saw on the hike, only one was restrained- we didn’t feel bad letting our 10 lbs Pepper have the run of the mountain.

What IS Meow Wolf?

"House of Eternal Return".Well…. according to TripAdvisor and every other aggregate site it is THE thing to do in Sante Fe. While we’re not typically museum or art people, Meow Wolf sounded too awesomely weird to not check out.Now that we’ve spent a few hours there, I think it can best be described as Chuck E. Cheese, a modern art museum, and haunted house all smashed together. There’s a mystery to unravel within Meow Wolf if you want to play detective, but you’ll also have a great time if you just want to go see some weird/interesting/awesome stuff. As interactive as Meow Wolf is you’ll be happy to wash your hands when you leave.