Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag Review

A full video and write up for a Sea to Summit toiletry bag review?  Yes.Is that kind of a silly amount of effort for something that holds your toothbrush? Also yes.If you're going to spend any amount of time traveling or living out of a backpack then a toiletry bag is kind of a must.  Toiletry bags have fallen out of style recently due pains around taking them through airport security.  We still found it convenient to carry a toiletry bag on our trip though.  Usually, airport security never bothered with us actually having to remove liquids from our bags.  Additionally, if we were concerned with getting caught, we just kept the true liquids in a separate plastic Ziploc bag.

Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag Features

The Sea to Summit toiletry bag is a great size.  In true Goldilocks fashion it's neither too small nor too large. On the interior there are two zip pockets as well as a separating wall in the main pouch. The zippered pockets are great for items like Q-Tips or smaller medicine.  The main pouch area can easily handle a stick of deodorant, a large toothpaste, toothbrush, and a few extra bottles of lotion, soap, etc.  The video really does a much better job of showing just how much you can jam in there.On the top of the bag and tucked away is a handy little hook.  When we first purchased these toiletry bags I thought the hook was useless.  Being able to hang the bag away from a sink is a feature I used at every bathroom.  On the hook strap was a mirror as well.  Both of us through away the included mirrors.  I think that speaks volumes about the functionality of the mirrors.  The inclusion of the mirrors made it more difficult to zip and pack the bags.On the backside of the toiletry bag is another large zippered pocket. It stretches the height and length of the bag. Allison used hers for packets of sunscreen and moisturizer.  I used mine to stuff with even more Q-Tips.  What can I say- I really like Q-Tips.  Finding name brand Q-Tips abroad was a pain in the butt.  Is there a better feeling in the world than cleaning your ears after a hot shower with a nice, quality Q-Tip?

Toiletry Bag Affiliate Link and Comments

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