Sedona Boondocking: Why We Love Having a Scooter as a Tow Vehicle

Hit the Sedona area with us as we rattle the RV to pieces down a gravel backroad, fight the crowds at Devils Bridge, and explore Jerome on the scooter.

Why Sedona?

Since we’re really going wherever we want whenever we want on this roadtrip, we didn’t exactly have reservations as we rolled into Sedona. Sedona is the kind of tourist destination where things book up months in advance so that meant we would be spending our stay out boondocking south of town.

Where to Boondock near Sedona

We stayed on BLM off 525, or “The Main Drag 525” if you want to throw around some Campendium lingo. Thanks to other people reviewing on Campendium we knew if we drove far enough down the rutted out road we’d hit a spot with internet. While it's nice to get away from it all the reality of our lives on the road is that we need internet for our day jobs. This isn’t vacation 24/7!When boondocking near Sedona you have to take the good with the bad. For every minute enjoying the million dollar view with your eyes, it’s likely your ears will be listening to the roar of your neighbors generator (all day). The thrill of being in the middle of nowhere is tempered by being woken up by a different neighbor flying his drone over your RV at 6:30 in the morning.(As an aside, can we as a society agree that you don’t fly drones around strangers homes/ RVs/ Campsites that early in the morning? I had to put on grown up pants and go yell at someone ten years older than me who still though he was in the right to be 15 ft above our roof that early.)

Devil's Bridge

Later on in the week, we decided that Saturday mid day would be the very best possible time to go to one of the most well known tourist attractions in Sedona. Don’t know how that could go wrong? The Devils Bridge (Devil's Backbone? Devil's Spine?) is the place to be if you’re looking to meet other people who refuse to lineup so everyone can get a great picture. Chaos.Finally, onto something I love- our scooter! We decided early on that the scooter would be a great tow vehicle- turns on we were right. While my heart longs for a proper motorcycle sometimes, the scooter is entirely reliable, functionality beyond belief, and doesn’t require tinkering or whispering sweet nothings to it to keep it running.When boondocking down a gravel road in Sedona it made trips to town that much easier, its fun to explore on, and its a great little cheat mode to be able to park in crowded parking lots (like at the Devils Bridge). We also used it to explore the ghost town of Jerome as our 30ft RV would have simply not fit. We just put Pepper in her backpack and the three of us load up and zoom off.