What to do in Siem Reap BESIDES Angkor Wat

Nestled between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is well known for it's famous Angkor Wat. Visiting the largest religious monument in the world is definitely a bucket-list item. There are also so many beautiful places to visit nearby.  Make sure to step out a bit from Siem Reap to see a bit of Cambodian life.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This is why you came. Enjoy.  If you would like to see our visit, watch our Ankor Wat, Siem Reap Vlog here.travel to ankor wat cambodia

Mornings in Siem Reap

But if you step out, a few miles away lives an entirely different world full of beauty and life.Sunrise in the rice paddies in Damdek, a small village outside of Siem Reap.siem reap sunrise


The view from above during sunrise. I have never seen these types of palm trees anywhere else in the world!  Any palm tree experts know about these fascinating plants?siem reap landscape


Early morning markets in Damdek.  We found a very nice tuk tuk driver to take us to Angkor Wat and quickly became friends.  He took us to a nearby market at dawn the next day to shop for breakfast!siem reap travel market

Budget Accommodation

Relax after a day of exploring with countryside tranquility.  This pool looks like a luxury resort but we stayed for $47 USD/night and that included a 30min massage for each guest! event though this place looks like it's out in the jungle it's actually right in the heart of Siem Reap! This is not a novelty. We always used Agoda to find the best deals in South East Asia.budget backpacking hotel

Night Life

In the backpacker-friendly town of Siem Reap you'll find restaurants, pubs and even bar crawls of people in and out of every establishment.  You're sure to find exactly the cuisine you're looking for as I remember having tacos and a margarita special for lunch and Pad Thai for dinner.siem reap nightlife