SWAMP TOUR - Fulltime RVing Florida to New Orleans - TRIPPED RV

Spoiler Alert: We do not get eaten by gators on the swamp tour.Now that we are fulltime in the RV we leave Florida for New Orleans but stop in the swamp along the way!Fin gets her first chance to drive the RV on a park road in Florida. I chose a single lane road for her to learn on because why not make it difficult? Behind the scenes, after this first driving attempt, Fin doesn’t touch the steering wheel again until months later. (We’ll see if she edits this interesting fact out.)Finally, we booked a swamp tour at Gulf Coast Gator in Mississippi on our way to New Orleans. There, we learned important info about alligator conservation as well as the fact they really like to eat marshmallows. Who knew?We found out about Gulf Coast Gator through our participation in Harvest Hosts!swamp tourBefore this episode we boondock for the first time in Florida.After this episode we make our way to New Orleans.