Texas RV Road Trip: Hill CountryNow that we’ve finally left the craziness of Austin behind (after spending a month there) we head out on a Texas RV Road Trip! It’s time to slow down things a bit in nearby Hill Country. Here's a list of our top destinations we recommend for a weekend hill country road trip:


Our first stop for this road trip is Krause Springs. Krause Springs is located in Springwood about 45 minutes to the North West of Austin.As is always the case, Fin had the destination planned and I had no idea where I was driving to. Anytime I hear a natural sounding name like “springs” I start thinking state park. Turns out Krause Springs is privately owned swimming and camping spot that specializes in having the most signs of any place I’ve ever visited.


Inks Lake State Park was close by and also turned out to be a great place to spend a few days. The main draw to this State Park was a cool little hiking loop as well as the Devils Watering Hole.The Devils Waterhole is a well known cliff jumping spot but while we were visiting, there was no one else even swimming, let alone jumping. That left us searching for pictures of exactly where people were cliff jumping on google images. To say it felt sketchy to jump into murky water off a cliff based on a picture you had seen online was an understatement. After my first jump i definitely touched a rock underwater with my foot- that meant it was one and done for me. (I prefer jumping off cliffs when I KNOW that I’m not going to smash into the bottom.)


The last stop on our little road trip was spending the night at Messina Hof winery in Bryan Texas. Messina Hof is the second Harvest Hosts we’ve stayed with. I can’t say enough good things about the concept of doing a wine tasting, being able to purchase a bottle, and then having your house within walking distance.It turned out to be quite the profound day as I learned I enjoy a sparkling moscato when it's hot out. I can admit it.