The Worst Breaking Bad RV Tour

The Worst Breaking Bad RV Tour You’ve Ever Seen - is ours.We rolled into Albuquerque with only one thing on our to do list- visit filming locations from Breaking Bad. While Season One of Breaking Bad aired over ten years ago, visiting iconic locations from the series whether on a self guided tour or in tour group remains the top activity in ABQ for visitors.A quick google search of filming locations will bring up dozens of different addresses to check out. While we’re huge fans of the show many of them were pretty obscure, even for us. We whittled down the list to some of the bigger ones:

Breaking Bad Film Locations:

  • Pollos Hermanos
  • Jessie Pinkman's House
  • Crystal Palace
  • Tuco's Headquarters
  • Walt's Carwash
  • Walt's House

RV Tour Takeaways

Having now visited these sites, here are our takeaways:

1. You don’t need to pay for a guided RV tour

With so much information out there about the exact site addresses it’s really not necessary to pay for a guided tour unless you just don’t want to deal with driving yourself around. It also might be a great photo op to roll around in a simliar RV from the show.

2. Some places are not what you expect

We just felt bad visiting Walt's house. There was a huge steel fence up all along the property and the owners were sitting in the front yard staring everyone down. It was the opposite of friendly. We were there at the same time as the Breaking Bad RV tour and you could tell the tour operator was doing his best to keep everyone far away from the property. On the other hand, places likes Twisters (Pollos Hermanos) had the fake logo up in their restaurant and one of the people behind the counter even had a Gus mask. It’s awesome that they play into what they’re known for and embrace it.

3. Driving an RV in the City blows

Anyone whos been behind the wheel of an RV probably can attest to this- they don’t make for very much fun driving around town with lots of turns. It was also near impossible to park anywhere convenient to a lot of sites so needless to say- lots of driveby “quick looks” during our tour.