Top Things to Do in Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is known by dozens of nicknames.  The one that stood out to us the most was "Honeymoon Capital of Vietnam". Other completely badass monikers are such names as  City of Flowers and the City of Eternal Spring.  Basically, choose whatever name you think is best because no matter what you call it, there are a TON of absolutely top things to do in Da Lat.  During our Vietnam motorbike trip we were especially happy to spend a few nights there to rest up and stay in a place for more than a one night.

Top Things to Do | Da Lat

Datanla Waterfall

While in Dalat, our first priority was to visit Datanla Waterfall. Datanla Waterfall is turns out be much more of a built up attraction than a visitor might expect though. There are archery ranges to practice your aim at, cable cars to ride, rivers to jump across, and most importantly, roller coasters to ride.  All the mini attractions at the site of the waterfall charge cash so bring plenty of Dong with you if you want to partake. Also, in retrospect, you might as well purchase the return ticket on the roller coaster.  After an afternoon spent clowning around and exploring the last thing you'll want to do is climb up the stairs to the parking lot. It feels much better to just kick back an enjoy the ride up.

Xuan Huong Lake

Our group capped one day off with Swan boat rental at Xuan Huong Lake.  Xuan Huong Lake is the big lake in the center of town.  You absolutely can't miss it if you drive through Da Lat.  Admittedly, I had no idea what the lake was named until researching for this article.  Even now, no idea how to pronounce X’s at the beginning of words in Vietnamese.  Anyway, tourists can rent swan paddle boats for just a few thousand dongs for an hour.  We had a blast taking a few beers out with us and paddling around the lake.  As cheesy as it might sound it was a great Da Lat experience.

Motorcycle Tours

The absolutely highest rated attraction to partake in Da Lat is taking a motorcycle tour.  We're going to count this as something we did....let's just call it a self guided tour.  Da Lat was unique to the other areas we visited in that the terrain was mountainous.  What was almost surreal was being surround by pine forests near the town.  Driving through the mountain roads almost felt like I was back in Colorado which was a strange sensation to have.If you're visiting the area via tour bus or flying in, I highly suggest booking a motorcycle tour, even as a passenger.  The drive into and to the North of Da Lat was some of the most beautiful terrain and landscape we witnessed during our 60 day motorbike ride.  I would absolutely rate a motorcycle tour as as #1 on my list of top things to do in Da Lat.

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