Visiting Ninh Binh & Tam Coc - Vietnam

After a week spent in HoiAn the Diemers would need to make up some ground on the Vietnam motorcycle trip. The constant rain was poised to derail the entire trip. The ride itself became miserable and road conditions a lot less safe due to the weather. After a quick discussion on strategy there was only one thing to do: book an overnight train from Da Nang to Ninh Binh. That also meant figuring out how to ship the bikes on the train, which was no small feat.   All goes well and the Diemers and their motorbikes arrive in Ninh Binh.  Limestone cliffs surround them. Muddy trails beg for a little offroading action.  Also, it seems that every restaurant in the area serves goat and only goat.

Vietnam Hotels: The Bai Dinh- The Lap of Luxury

The Bai Dinh in the Bai Dinh Pagoda Precinct is the most unique hotel of the trip. While staying on the pagoda grounds is cool the hotel is extremely difficult to find. Due to Google Maps being of almost no help the Diemers spend lots of time being lost. After driving on some sidewalks and being thoroughly soaked from a long ride, the Diemers arrive and get to enjoy some high class comfort including real western showers and bathrooms!  There are even two sets of  WAY too small lounge wear to try on. They spend the day exploring the pagoda grounds as there seems to be photo op after photo op. The fun doesn't stop there though. First thing upon waking up the next day, Finney gets two of her favorite experiences - a long hike up a mountain in the rain and cave exploration. It's everything a girl could want!If you are gearing up for your own Vietnam motorcycling adventure consider checking out this video where we go over some basic items you'll want to bring with.

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