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Best way to get around-

Transportation around Bali is fairly cheap! There are plenty of taxis, but you could also opt for scooter or bike rentals as well. Bali also has buses or bemos which are minibusses used to take around 12 people or so. This form of transport will typically take longer because of the many stops, but it is cost-effective. Ferries are a great way to travel between islands and to different ports in Bali. Getting to and from islands will typically cost you under 5 USD.


Bali is an extremely safe place to travel to. The economy there is very tourism-driven so they ensure that those who visit are safe and well taken care of. While a safe place to travel to, there can be cases of fraud and theft. Stay aware of your surroundings and don't keep a lot of cash or valuables on you.


  1. backpacker avg. $35
  2. comfortable avg. $75-100
  3. luxury avg. $300+


Balinese is the language spoken in Bali, but most residents speak Indonesian, Balinese, as well as English. Balinese is not written using the Western alphabet but can be written out phonetically. Here are some helpful phrases in Balinese:

  • Hello - om suastiastu
  • Thank you - terima kasih

    When To Visit:

    Holidays bring the crowds to Bali, especially around the Christmas and Easter holidays. The rainy season is not the best time to visit Bali because the best places to visit in Bali are outside. Aim for visiting between May and September for the lowest prices and fewest crowds.

    What To Eat:

    Bali is home to incredible fresh food. Exotic fruits and spicy street food can be found for less than 1 USD. Bali does cater to the tourist crowd by presenting foods very "instagramable". You'll pay more for this, but who can say no to a pretty smoothie bowl? To cut down on the "tourist tax" opt for street food that will taste just as good, if not better!




     There are so many hidden gems to find in Bali! Cute beach bungalows complete with a handmade hammock, or a modern beach house with stretches of windows. There are also plenty of hostels to stay at but the prices for these are raising as tourism to Bali gets more popular. Check out Airbnb or Agoda for great options.

    If planning on choosing motorbikes or scooters as your form of transportation, we definitely recommend grabbing travelers insurance. You can never be too safe!



    What to Pack:

    Bali isn't just about the beaches. There are incredible hiking spots up in the mountains for incredible views of the island. If you're up in the mountains, it will more than likely be colder and higher chances of rain. You'll want to have waterproof shoes and a raincoat if planning on spending time in the mountains. To be able to fit and organize all of your weatherproof gear and beach things, we recommend using travel compression cubes. Check them out at Tripped Travel Gear!