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Best way to get around-

Transportation in the Philippines is easy and cheap! The cities are full of public transportation like buses, or you can hail down a tuk-tuk to get you around as well. The Philippines do have unmetered taxis but those can end up charging you tourist rates if you're not careful. There are also plenty of ways to island-hop. You can either choose to do it with a company that will typically provide you your transportation, lunch, and gear for a day of island hopping. There are also ferries and boats for cheap that will take you from island to island if you'd like to travel independently.


The Philippines are a very safe place to travel to. Use common sense when traveling just like to any other country and read situations well. To avoid theft, don't travel around with valuables and keep things out of your back pockets.


  1. backpacker avg. $25
  2. comfortable avg. $45
  3. luxury avg. $70+


The language used in the Philippines differs. English and Tagalog (Filipino) are the official languages of the Philippines. Tagalog has many dialects, so Filipino is used as a standard form of Tagalog.


When To Visit:

The Philippines are best to visit during the dry season. Typically between May and September. Rainy season makes it difficult to travel around the less populated areas because of mud! While it does mean a few hours of rain a day, it also means fewer tourists. Look into visiting during the shoulder months of the rainy season for fewer crowds and nice weather.

What To Eat:

Food in the Philippines is delicious! The street food offers a huge variety of traditional, fresh food for typically less than 2 USD. A trip to the Philippines wouldn't be complete without eating adobo! There are a lot of adventurous foods to try and prices that can't be beaten.




The Philippines have some of the most beautiful places to stay. The hostels are cheap and are perfect for staying in the city. If planning a beach stay, check out Airbnb to find beachfront bungalows and cute hideaways. If it's in your budget, there are also incredible beach resorts to stay at as well that scream relaxation.



What to Pack:

The Philippines are hot all year round. Even during the rainy season, you won't get much relief from the heat. We recommend only bringing essentials and then stocking up on the fun, cheap clothing while you're out there. To be able to bring all of your goodies back with you, try out compression cubes that will help you stay organized and maximize your space. Check them out at Tripped Travel Gear!