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Best way to get around-

Thailand has a variety of cheap transportation services available. Take a bus, metro, or taxi to get around most cities in Thailand. If you're feeling adventurous, hop on a tuk-tuk (3-wheeled motorized rickshaw). If traveling to different cities around Thailand, you can typically find cheap flights in and out of the major cities, or buses are also a great, budget-friendly option. Thailand also has a very convenient train system that will get you from A to B but is not the quickest way to travel.


Keeping safe in Thailand isn't too much of a concern. Just like any country, be sure to stay observant and get out of situations you don't feel comfortable with. Petty theft and scamming can occur but be sure to keep your things close to you and don't carry valuables with you. And watch out for monkeys!


  1. backpacker avg. $30
  2. comfortable avg. $50
  3. luxury avg. $150+


Thai is the language spoken in Thailand. The curly letters of the Thai alphabet is an art of its own! Words are also sometimes spelled using the Latin alphabet and spelled phonetically.

  • Hello- Sawatdii
  • Thank you- Khop kun

    When To Visit:

    The peak season to visit Thailand is during the dry season which runs typically from November to about March. The weather is going to be hot no matter when you travel, but the humidity during the time is at it's lowest. Unfortunately, like every country's peak season, this is when tourism is at its highest. Opt for traveling during the shoulder months of peak season if trying to beat the crowds, but look out for rain showers!

    What To Eat:

    Thai food is incredible and while you might think nothing beats Thai takeout, just wait until you try it in person! Not only is Thai food delicious, but it's also ridiculously cheap. Most street meals will cost you less than 1 USD. Try the seafood, the exotic fruits, and even the scorpion on a stick!




    There are plenty of different lodging types in Thailand depending on your preference and budget. Airbnb and Agoda are great places to look for lodging options and offer some of the best locations. Thailand has an array of unique hotels to check out, too! Hotels with rooftop bars in Bangkok or floating bungalows, Thailand has it all.

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    What to Pack:

    Thailand is hot, hot, hot! But the higher elevation regions do get chilly especially if you're planning on doing some hiking. You won't need too much of a variety of clothing, but with the bright clothing and prices that can't be beaten, you'll want to save some room in your suitcase to be able to bring some home! For extra space in your suitcase, try out space-saving compression cubes. Check them out at Tripped Travel Gear!