Best way to get around-

The United States is BIG. Without great transportation between states or regions, you will need to more than likely take flights. If on a budget, airlines such as Spirit offer cheap flights domestically. If you're looking not to fly, look into an RV rental! Most of the companies will allow you to rent it one place and return it at another. RVUSA and Motorhome Republic are some reliable sources for RV rentals. Once you're in larger cities, you'll be able to find public transportation to get around the city or be able to find Ubers or Lyfts to help you get around as well. For safety measures, make sure you get in the correct vehicle and ask the driver who they are there for every time.


Big cities around the US typically have quite a bit of security, but there are areas of cities that you should avoid to be safe. Research where you're headed before you get there just to be sure.


The budget for traveling the States depends entirely on where you plan on traveling to. Larger cities are going to be more expensive than small towns and if you are staying in chain hotels and eating out a lot, you're also going to see things to be a bit more pricey.

  1. backpacker avg. $60-80
  2. comfortable avg. $100
  3. luxury avg. $250+


English is the main language spoken in the United States, but you'll find a variety of languages spoken in large cities.


When To Visit:

North: Harsh winters make the Northern regions; of the states not the best to travel in during winter months. The summers are a beautiful time to visit, though and be sure to spend some time on the lakes! South: The South during the summers are HOT! As we like to say, "it's a dry heat, though." The coasts provide a bit of relief from the heat, but just be sure you're prepared for it! The variety of seasons provided in the states are gorgeous and great to experience, but just be sure you are in the right places for you at the right time.


What To Eat:

McDonald's isn't the only food available in the US despite what some may think. The coasts offer GREAT seafood and homecooked real food isn't in short supply. Stick to family-owned, non-chain restaurants for the best food.




Accommodations in the US is more expensive than a lot of places. Beat the prices by checking out places on Airbnb and Agoda. Both offer places for better prices especially in the bigger cities. VRBO is also a great option especially for larger groups of travelers.

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What to Pack:

The United States uses plug Type A and Type B. Be sure to have a universal power adaptor or a converter for this type. If you don't have one, there are plenty of supermarkets just about anywhere you will be traveling to. With having to take many flights to travel adequately around the States, you'll want to pack as conveniently as possible. Especially because the majority of the smaller airlines charge more if you have larger baggage. Escape the fees by packing with compression cubes. Check them out at Tripped Travel Gear!