But if we had to pick just one, we would…




Best way to get around-

We found the best way to get around the New Zealand islands was to rent a small camper van. Actually, we found this is the way that most people explore New Zealand! It's a great way to combine your transportation and accommodation in one. Not only is it a great way to travel around, but it's also a great way to meet fellow travelers because of the large camper van community.


English is the main language of New Zealand, but they still have their own "Kiwi" lingo. The Maori are the native people of New Zealand and many of the common phrases are part of the Maori language.


  1. backpacker avg. $45-70
  2. comfortable avg. $150-220
  3. luxury avg. $400+



New Zealand is an especially safe country to visit. While safety isn't a large issue in New Zealand, bad things can happen anywhere. Make sure to trust your instincts especially in areas that are more remote. If hitchhiking is your thing, make sure to judge the situation carefully.Travelers insurance is always a good idea. With New Zealand being a great hub for adventure sports, you'll want insurance in case of injury.

What to eat:

Food in New Zealand is expensive! You may find that eating out at restaurants isn't in your budget once you see the prices. Getting a small camping grill to use or making trips to the grocery store will definitely help alleviate some of those costs.

New Zealand doesn't really have a popular native dish, but you'll still be sure to find a good variety of options.

when to go:

South Island: Because New Zealand is in the Southern hemisphere, their summer season is December-March. While this is the best weather to visit New Zealand in, it is also the busiest. Aiming to travel their during the Spring would give you still optimal weather, with fewer crowds.

North Island: The North Island gets especially cold and rainy during the winter season so it's best to visit this part of New Zealand during summer or late spring.


What to pack

New Zealand's plugs are similar to Australia and some parts of Asia. While we do recommend getting a universal power adapter, you could also grab a Type C power adapter that will work just fine. You'll also need a voltage converter for your time in New Zealand as well.

Packing in a small camper van is not easy. With limited space and a variety of things needed for different activities, compression cubes are a must. Check them out at trippedtravelgear.com.


Airbnb and Agoda are again, great options for finding flights from the North to South Island and also finding accommodations.

Camper van rental companies: Jucy Rentals, Mad Campers, Escape, + Britz!